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Meet Dr. Lee Vickers

Dr. Lee Vickers is an integral machination of the "evolution" of Holistic Healing that is happening RIGHT NOW! Across the WORLD there is a "shift" happening. You have probably even noticed this shift within yourself. You may have "felt" there was something more than just skin deep. You have known all along there was an "energy" there that did more than what was widely recognized. It's like an intuition that one knows IS. You just know intuitively that this is how things must have always been. Yet no one had put the pieces of the puzzle together to show you the entire picture. So many say, "Finally I understand how this all works!" All because Dr. Lee guides you through, step by step, toward your "ultimate health" and "life," that you never even knew existed... He puts all the pieces of the puzzle together so that you are at CAUSE over your own health and life!

Early On In His Life

Early on in his life, Dr. Lee understood the necessity for healing. As a young child he suffered from severe allergies and asthma which would have been crippling for anyone. Rehabilitating his own body from childhood through teenage years gave him that "Holistic Viewpoint." He came to understand the importance in mind/body connection, chemical/physical interaction, and spirit as a guiding force in one's total healing. This further led him to receiving a B.S. in Nutrion and Doctorate in Chiropractic. But for him this was not the end of the journey. It was only the beginning...

Internal Workings

One discovers that our "internal workings" are not mediated by just one healing modality or system of thought. Many go to Nutritionists who say all health is chemically affected. Then you see Physical Therapists who explain how one's health is totally MALIGNED mainly from a physical perspective. Still others see Mental Health Practitioners who explain that health has to all stem from the mind. One particular thing to notice here is that all three groups say they are THE ANSWER! Yet these three groups never seem to want to understand each other. Dr. Lee will completey show you THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE that is missing in most healing theoroms that are being implemented at this time.

Spirit Comprised of Light Energy

That principle has to do with "spirit comprised of light energy" independent upon the physical, chemical, and mental trappings that everyone else is concerned with. You will discover there is more there than meets the eye. ACTUALLY THERE IS MUCH, MUCH, MORE! There is a "guiding energy" in all things and that is the ENERGY OF LIGHT or the LACK OF LIGHT, considered DARK ENERGY!

Ghost in the Machine

Once you truly understand how "the light" is the energy that comprises our thought, food, and physical health; there is a process that occurs. You literally realize YOU are the "ghost in the machine." YOU are the one that is CALLING THE SHOTS AND DIRECTING THE ENERGIES. The problem is that so many are "reacting to life" and are no where near the driver's seat.

Teaches You to Drive

Dr. Lee opens the door and sits you down, tells you where the pedals, wheel and brakes are; getting you "back in control" of what before seemed so out of control. He basically Teaches "YOU" HOW TO DRIVE YOUR OWN BODY!!  He has found simple ways of "teaching" you how to regain your "self determined" capability to HEAL your own body and life. YOU CAN REGAIN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE FOR REAL! This is no joke here... You really can become at cause over your own healing and life circumstances!

Self Aware Healing

Dr. Lee has guided many on their path to "self-aware healing." His techiques encompass bringing one a better understanding of the HOLISTIC HEALING PROCESS that is "inherent" in each of us.

Inner Healer

"Inner Healing" is not performed on you, it is a process of learning one's true nature within yourself and the interconnectedness with all that is around you. These are "subtle energies" we are working with. And when these energies go out of balance, you have dis-ease. That is literally explained as lack of ease in your body. Discover your true inner healer that is just waiting to be released into the bright new day sun. Dr. Lee will help "guide you" on this path to the inner healing that encompasses all that you are and can achieve in your life.

Ability to Shine

Along with being a holistic practitioner, Dr. Lee is also an author and teacher. Tens of thousands have discovered their own "ability to shine" with the concepts and methods taught by him, which are both easy to understand and "grounded" in science and simplicity. Let go of all your physical limitations to self-aware healing and enlightenment. The limitations are just breathed away once you see how it is done. BUY AND LISTEN TO BODIES OF LIGHT! Sign Up for a workshop. Do the online 8 Week E-Team Challenge! Schedule a consult with Dr. Lee no matter your geographical location. Dr. Lee has consistently worked with many all over the U.S. Some fly to meet him in Fort Lauderdale or along his lecture circuit in Los Angeles or New York City. Find out how you can be your "best life" and "best health" today!