Get ready to start on the ultimate adventure into the light!


A Journey Book

You are about to embark on a fantastic journey. Here the light will be your guide. Many visionaries have pondered what resides within the light. Artists the world over depicted the light around their Saints as halos. Scientists are discovering that there is intelligence within the light. Many enlightened ones from history understood the need for heavenly light to reach our earthly plane of existence. What lessons were they teaching us about the light? Discover for yourself what has been within the light all along.

You can experience first hand the power of the light within your own physical body. Divine health is only a breath away. Divine wealth has been a part of you all along. Your interconnection with the “all” is more enlightening than you ever imagined. First, it is necessary to learn a few things in order to do this. Bodies of Light encompasses knowledge that builds upon itself so that you are able to effectively pull in tremendous amounts of light within your body. Initially it is good to notice how the light works, this is shown metaphorically in stories at the beginning of the book. Here you may start realizing what the light can do for you in your life.

A practical, how-to-method is then employed as you step-by-step realize things within yourself and your own energetic field. Understand that the stream of consciousness within the light is ever flowing like a river. It is filled with infinite possibility and probability. Bodies of Light will show you a path of pulling in the light for yourself. No one else can do this for you but you. Discover the power within the light for your own health and life. You can do anything you want in life. It just takes enough positive energy within your physical body to power the process.

The light spawned everything that exists around you in this physical world. If the sun were to be extinguished this very moment, you surely would not have the energy to be as you are. What is it that is in the light that creates everything around you? What subtle substance of the soul are you working with? And how can you direct the energies to better your life and health? Just as a firefly shines its moon lit glow, so magical, flying through the night. So too can you be a light, illuminating the darkness. These secrets that have been alluded to for thousands of years, are your birthright. You are about to discover your own ability to shine.

You are here and now in this place at a point in the culmination of understanding on this planet. Knowledge is more accessible than at any time in the past, here on earth. The pieces of the puzzle have come together from thousands of years of thinking men, who have endlessly pondered the light. Never before have so many differing views been accessible at the same time in conjunction with the scientific understanding we have today. Take a journey into the interconnectedness of what mystics, scholars and theologians have been pondering for millennia. You will soon discover they were all saying the same thing in different ways. During this journey, you will see, what had been lost in translation can be found again, when you are able to put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself. Sit back and relax. Get ready to take on the ultimate journey of self-discovery into the light!